About Us

Who is Mustang Funding?

Mustang Funding is a litigation finance company focused on high-quality, transparent capital solutions for law firms and their clients.

Aerial shot of the town of Wayzata, Minnesota

Our mission is simple.

Founded in 2018 and based in Wayzata, MN, our mission is to empower the pursuit of justice for individuals and law firms nationwide.  

Our innovative and flexible litigation funding solutions ensure that no one is denied their right to a fair legal battle due to financial constraints.  

We achieve this mission through a commitment to transparency, integrity, and unwavering support for our clients as they navigate the legal landscape.  

An interior shot of Mustang Funding's Minnesota office

The numbers speak for themselves.

We have funded over $170,000,000 across our portfolio.

We work with more than 1,000 law firms across the country.

We’ve issued over 10,000 checks to individuals firms and groups.

We have financed over 3,000 unique cases.

Our Services

Get the financial backing you need with Mustang Financing.

Plaintiff Pre-Settlement

We secure funding for a wide variety of civil cases with clear liability, injury, and settlement claims. This provides plaintiffs the financial support they need during legal proceedings, allowing them to focus on what’s important during a difficult time.

Attorney & Law Firm

Litigation can be expensive and time-consuming. With Mustang Legal Funding’s help, you can gain access to working capital that allows your law firm to invest in case costs and essential resources, empowering your legal practice and fueling your growth.

Commercial & Special Interest Funding

We unlock capital infusion opportunities for corporate clients, allowing them to sustain growth while awaiting settlements. We also offer flexible financial support with tailored liquidity solutions that meet the unique needs of vendors and claim holders. 

Who We Serve

Mustang Funding proudly serves a diverse range of clients, including:

Individual Plaintiffs & Businesses

  • Individuals seeking financial support during their legal battles
  • Businesses navigating complex litigation matters

Law Firms

  • Legal practices requiring financial assistance for case costs and litigation expenses
  • Law firms seeking to better serve their clients

What Sets Us Apart

At Mustang Funding, our distinctiveness lies in our: 

  • Proven Expertise: Our seasoned management team holds decades of experience in successfully managing institutional capital within the alternative investment industry. 
  • Strategic Vision: We strategically identify opportunities with attractive risk-to-return profiles across various facets of legal assets, ensuring our investments align with our clients’ financial goals. 
  • Inclusive Access: Mustang focuses on filling the capital gaps for plaintiffs, law firms, and other stakeholders who often face limited and fragmented access to funding. 
  • Unique Investment Perspective: We recognize the substantial potential in assets backed by litigation claims and legal-oriented assets. 
  • Diversified Growth: In the future, we aim to diversify our investments into other asset classes that offer similar risk and return opportunities as legal assets, creating more ways for us to grow and invest. 

Mustang’s pioneering spirit and commitment to innovation make us a trailblazer in the legal asset industry, offering a unique blend of experience, vision, and inclusivity to our valued clients. 

Meet Our Founders

Jimmy Beltz, Co-Founder/Managing Partner at Mustang Litigation Funding. 

Jimmy Beltz


Co-founder and Managing Partner Jimmy Beltz is a seasoned investor with a passion for litigation finance.  

With a career spanning private equity and alternative investments, he’s managed over $1.5 billion in diverse opportunities, served on numerous restructuring committees, and held key roles on six corporate boards.  

His most recent achievements include steering a litigation finance fund at Imperial Capital Asset Management (ICAM) and serving as partner at Neponset Bay Capital, a forward-thinking private equity firm. 

Kevin Cavanaugh, Co-Founder/Managing Partner at Mustang Funding

Kevin Cavanaugh


Mr. Cavanaugh has over 20 years of investment experience.

Most recently he was the President and Chief Investment Officer at Corrib Capital Management, a hedge fund focused on high yield and distressed investment opportunities.

Prior to Corrib, Kevin served as a Portfolio Manager at Waterstone Capital Management, where he was responsible for managing the firm’s high yield and distressed investments. In 2012, Kevin launched the Waterstone Quarry Fund, an event-driven credit fund that was the predecessor to Corrib Capital Management. His investment experience also includes serving as Managing Director of RBS Greenwich Capital Markets Inc. and four years at J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. where he invested the firm’s capital in distressed opportunities. Kevin has experience trading various instruments including corporate bonds, bank debt credit default swaps, indexed products, and equities.

Our Locations make it easy to help you.


The exterior of the building where Mustang Funding's Minnesota office is located

701 Lake St. E #250
Wayzata, MN 55391


The exterior of Mustang Funding's Florida office

1700 S. Dixie Hwy. Suite 305

Boca Raton, FL 33432