Attorney and Law Firm Funding

Level the playing field with Mustang Funding.

Cover litigation expenses, expand services to clients, and reduce your cash flow volatility with help from our professionals.

Attorney and Law Firm Funding

It is no secret that litigation is expensive. To win cases, contingent-fee attorneys and law firms need the best experts, strong evidence, compelling arguments–and financial support. Many personal injury attorneys and law firms face financial challenges while waiting to receive settlement fees. At Mustang Funding, we provide attorney and law firm funding for case expenses.  

Funds are provided through flexible, customizable pre-settlement arrangements for qualifying attorneys and law firms. Our attorney and law firm funding allows you to afford to work on a contingency basis for clients in need of a personal injury lawyer and access to justice. We level the financial playing field.

Benefits of Outside Funding for Law Firms

Third-party litigation funding is generally non-recourse. If the case does not resolve in the plaintiff’s favor, there is no money owed. That shifts a considerable amount of risk away from the law firm and on to the funder. In successful litigation, the funder receives a portion of the recovery.  

Attorneys and law firms can use this outside funding to cover various litigation expenses and deploy additional resources. These include:  

  • Expert witnesses – Case outcomes are often heavily influenced by expert witness testimony. Top expert witness testimony comes at a significant cost.  
  • Trial exhibits – Juries can better understand what happened in a particular case with trial exhibits, but the cost for accident scene reconstruction and similar exhibits created by experts can be prohibitive. Attorney funding allows for this demonstrative evidence to be seen.  
  • Court fees – Pay court fees with law firm funding. 

Plaintiffs with insufficient funding for continuing litigation may need to settle early. The settlement is generally far less than what the plaintiff may have received had attorney funding and law firm funding been in place.  

With such funding, the plaintiff may receive the larger payout that the circumstances of their case deserve.  

Mass Tort Funding 

When a large number of plaintiffs suffer injuries from the same product, they need attorneys to help them receive compensation from the same defendant in mass tort litigation. Funding such in-depth cases may require the services of a third party.  

Litigating mass torts imposes a huge financial burden, and such litigation can take years to resolve. Deep-pocketed companies frequently try to stall the legal process for as long as possible, forcing plaintiffs to settle for a relatively small amount.  

If your law firm is fighting companies with huge budgets, you need the funding to pursue litigation and level the playing field. Mass tort funding is also non-recourse, so that the plaintiff is not responsible should their case prove unsuccessful.  

Usually, funds are dispersed incrementally so that plaintiffs can cover their daily expenses.   

Attorneys can use mass tort funding for litigation expenses, including hiring experts. Attorneys can also use the funds to locate and collect evidence, conduct an exhaustive investigation, and perform pre-trial preparation.  

Many law firms use mass tort funding to acquire more mass tort cases, which requires a major marketing budget.  

Working Capital Lines 

Law firms function on a different type of business model than other enterprises. Traditional financing sources are not always available for law firms, and traditional lenders may not understand the legal business model and collateral structure.  

Attorney and law firm funding helps secure the working capital your business needs to stay competitive and thrive.  

Without a steady stream of working capital, the continued growth of your law firm becomes stymied. Our working capital lines are designed to help cover the expenses of running a law firm. Your firm can use working capital to improve your cash flow and cover operating expenses such as rent and payroll.  

By expanding your marketing programs, you can take on more cases and grow your practice. You have the working capital to develop advertising campaigns that generate clients.  

The bottom line is that the funding may be used for any working capital purpose for your law firm.  

Our working capital lines offer complete flexibility in drawdown timelines. Law firms can also monetize older cases with near-term liquidity.