Our Three Pillars of Growth

Mustang Funding works with individuals, law firms, and businesses to help them grow and thrive.

Pre-Settlement Funding

Mustang provides non-recourse cash advances to plaintiffs with active litigation claims. This “lawsuit” advance helps plaintiffs address immediate financial needs while they await settlement. Broadly speaking, it helps level the economic playing field against deep-pocketed defendants and insurance companies. With adequate resources, both plaintiff and attorney are better equipped to pursue a claim to its full potential.

Commercial Funding

Similar to plaintiff pre-settlement funding, Mustang provides non-recourse cash advances to businesses with active litigation claims. Additionally, we provide commercial funding to firms that want to take the next step to success as well as offer needed capital with medical lien receivables funding and special situations investing. From start-ups looking to grow rapidly to established businesses looking to expand, we can help.

Law Firm Funding

Mustang partners with law firms that need access to capital for expenses incurred and expected in the pursuit of a litigation claim. Lawsuits are expensive and take time. Mustang’s capital addresses potential shortfalls a lawyer may incur in covering case cost expenses. A well-capitalized lawyer can access the vendors and subject matter experts while also covering the significant expenses experienced during a long litigation process.