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Lawsuits take time. Sometimes, they take a long time as your bills pile up. The financial situation can feel impossible to manage, especially for those whose cases involve serious injuries and are suffering lost income on top of their medical bills. 

In addition, plaintiffs who are desperate for financial stability give their opponents an unfair advantage at the negotiating table. Pre-settlement funding provides a solution to this common conundrum by offering upfront cash to litigants waiting to resolve their case.  

At least with some cash in their pocket, plaintiffs are less likely to be pressured into accepting a lowball offer for their damages. Here, we provide a simple breakdown of how the process works.  

But first, let’s start with the basic question: 

What Is Pre-settlement Funding? 

Pre-settlement funding helps accident victims meet their financial needs while they wait for their claims to be resolved. Funding companies provide a financial advance directly to the claimant, not their lawyer’s office, to use in any manner they see fit.  

So, pay your bills, keep food on the table, buy your Christmas presents – it’s nobody’s business what you need the money for. This is your economic lifeline. 

The Pre-settlement Funding Process 

It is important to note that pre-settlement funding is only available to those who have retained an attorney and have a case already underway. The funding process is straightforward. Assuming you’ve met the threshold requirement of retaining legal counsel and have a pending legal action filed in court, the first step toward receiving a cash advance on your future settlement is to apply.  

Step 1

Apply for Pre-settlement Funding

Every funding company and state has slightly different rules and application forms, but most will require your attorney’s input to help assess the value of your case. Always provide adequate contact information for the person or law firm handling your case.  

Step 2

Wait for the Lawsuit Assessment by the Underwriting Team

At Mustang Funding, our internal team evaluates the strength of your claim and determines an appropriate monetary figure. After consulting with your attorney, we will base our final decision on whether we believe you will win compensation and how much you are likely to receive. If you have provided complete contact information for your attorney, we could have an answer for you in as little as 24 hours.

Step 3

Review and Accept Funding Proposal 

When you receive your proposal, review the details with your attorney. Your attorney is intimately familiar with the details and value of your case, so they are best equipped to provide counsel as to whether you should accept the funds and how much to accept. 

If you accept the proposal, funds will be dispersed via check or direct transfer. 

How Mustang Funding Can Help 

Attorneys can often resolve financial claims prior to ever filing a lawsuit. Many cases are resolved in negotiations before ever filing suit. Even when civil cases are filed, approximately  95% of them are resolved prior to trial.  

Remember, you are often dealing with insurance companies who might use every tactic, including making offers of settlement that fall far below any standard of  fair compensation. Without a financial safety net, you could be pressured into making a bad deal.  

Mustang Funding helps level the economic playing field so you can hold out until justice is served. We have streamlined the process with a simple, one-page application you can complete in just a few minutes. Submit your application now to get started. Got questions? Our team is eager to provide the answers you need. 

FAQs about Pre-settlement Funding

Below are the most common questions we’re asked. Have more questions before you apply?
Just call (877) 610-0950. Our team looks forward to helping you.
Is pre-settlement funding a loan?

Pre-settlement funding is generally not considered a traditional loan, although it is a form of financial advance. Pre-settlement funding is a non-recourse financial arrangement. This means that the funds are advanced to the plaintiff (the person filing the lawsuit) with the understanding that repayment is contingent upon a successful settlement or court verdict. If the lawsuit does not result in a financial award, the plaintiff is not required to repay the advanced funds.

We offer industry competitive rates for every 6 months your case is outstanding. Your exact rate, though, will depend on a number of factors related to the specifics of your case. If you’re approved for funding with us, we’ll send an agreement detailing the terms of funding.

In most jurisdictions, a lawyer does not have the authority to unilaterally deny you from seeking pre-settlement funding; the decision to obtain such funding is yours to make. It should be noted that we need the cooperation of your attorney in order to proceed with the funding application.

You can get additional pre-settlement funding as long as your case supports it. However, final approval may vary depending on a number of factors including case type and expected duration of case. 

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