Special Situations Investing

Level the playing field with Mustang Funding.

If your business has a need for a capital injection, Mustang Funding offers special situations investing solutions tailored to your needs.  

Special Situations Investing

Mustang Funding offers bespoke special situations investing solutions to help businesses of all sizes capitalize on unusual opportunities or mitigate the negative impact of short-term events. We can provide an immediate capital injection to support the ever-evolving needs of your company.  

 Our role goes beyond just writing that check or establishing your line of credit. Our experienced team of corporate funding experts performs comprehensive due diligence and risk assessment to ensure our investment positions your firm for success—whatever comes your way.  

 We work closely with your team to identify your unique needs and develop tailored business funding strategies to support your operations today, tomorrow, and in the years ahead.  

The Significance of Special Situations Funding

It’s impossible to predict what the future holds for your company. With Mustang Funding special situations investing, you can manage the ebbs and flows that commercial enterprises face in today’s volatile market.  

Special situations can be positive or negative. They involve internal and external circumstances that can impact your company’s assets. Without sufficient resources, your business may not be equipped for the road ahead.  

Significant one-time corporate changes – such as a merger or acquisition – require the right capital investment strategy to make the transition seamless.  

We provide financial support for restructuring your operation, and business turnaround financing to replenish assets as you weather industry changes and other events that impact your bottom line. We oversee the disposition of distressed assets and work with you to navigate bankruptcy without disrupting day-to-day operations.  

Strategies for Specialized Business Investment

We address the short-term prospects impacting your assets today, and events that are likely to affect your long-term stability as well.  

Special situations that may require investing include:  

  • Litigation 
  • Spinoffs  
  • Stock buybacks  
  • Distressed debt  
  • Tender offers 
  • Shareholder activism  
  • Fraud investigations 
  • Corporate bankruptcies   
  • Acquisitions and mergers  
  • Evolving industry regulations 
  • Board/management disputes  
  • News stories (or rumors or impending breaking news) 


We know that you can’t wait for the liquidity needed in special situations. A timely capital injection from Mustang Funding gives owners and employees peace of mind knowing their business is sound, healthy, and positioned to ascend to the next level.  

Benefits of Special Situations Investments

With Mustang Funding, you get more than capital. You benefit from expert guidance as you navigate the many transformations of your business. We actively monitor industry news, events, and market conditions to provide timely counsel.  

Our team of seasoned commercial funding professionals advises companies, boards, and other stakeholders and protects your interests when maximizing emerging investment opportunities or resolving distressed debt.  

We are committed to minimizing loss and liability, while keeping your reputation intact. 

Opportunistic special situations investing has the potential for high returns in a relatively short time frame. It also allows us to diversify a portfolio with non-traditional assets.  

If you are still unsure about whether event-driven investments make sense for your company, contact our team to discuss your needs.   

Learn More About Business Funding Advantages

From revitalizing troubled companies to helping entrepreneurs reach their next level of growth, specialized business investment from Mustang Funding has many advantages. We make the process fast, easy, and transparent so that you get the funds you need, when you need them. 

The application process is simple and straightforward. When unexpected expenses arise, you can expect rapid approval and funding to meet your immediate needs. We are committed to due diligence and ethical service, as demonstrated by our affiliation with professional organizations that regulate the business funding industry.  

Business owners depend on us for fast and efficient special situations funding, without risk to their personal assets.  

To learn more about special situations investing, or to discuss other commercial funding needs, contact us online or call today.