Medical Lien Receivables

Convert your liens into funding for your practice.

Focus on patients while growing your practice with medical lien receivables funding.

Is your healthcare practice struggling due to the burden of waiting for medical lien payments? Do you need money to grow your business? Medical lien financing from Mustang Funding can help.

The benefits of medical lien receivables funding include:

  • Unrestricted funding – use the money in whatever way will help your business most
  • Working capital to buy new equipment or expand facilities and take on more patients
  • Increased cash flow
  • Focus on patients, not bill-collecting

How Does Medical Lien Funding Work?

A lien is a legal right to all or part of an asset. When you accept a medical lien, you are in effect accepting an IOU payable upon a personal injury settlement or verdict. Because of the overall unpredictability of when the settlement or verdict will occur, medical liens can drag your practice down financially. Medical lien funding alleviates that uncertainty.

As a top medical lien funding company, Mustang Funding buys your medical debt, or medical lien receivables. Rather than wait for the outcome of personal injury cases, you now have a predictable revenue source.

Benefits of Medical Lien Receivables Funding

Increased funding

When you sell your medical lien receivables to a third party, you receive prompt payment. Since medical lien sales are not a loan, there are no restrictions on how you use these funds. Put the money to work where the need is greatest in your practice. If an unexpected expense arises, you have the funds to handle it.

Cash on hand

Waiting for case settlements can really affect your cash flow. Once you establish a funding relationship with Mustang Funding, you receive your money quickly – let us take on the risks and delays of the legal settlement process. You will have cash on hand for your daily operations and other business purposes.

A focus on patients

As a healthcare provider, your practice should focus on patients, not whether you are going to receive reimbursement. The legal system is neither fast nor particularly efficient. Personal injury cases are often complex and beset by delays.

By selling your medical liens, you and your staff can return to providing healthcare rather than pursuing payments.

Capital improvements

Have you been putting off capital improvements due to unpredictable revenue streams, at least partly due to unknown timing around cash flow? By selling your medical lien receivables, you receive working capital to purchase medical equipment and make other improvements that benefit your practice. 

Expand your practice

Due to cash flow challenges, you may not have the funds available to expand your practice or hire additional staff. Medical lien sales provide you with the working capital you need to build the practice you want. Add to your payroll, purchase supplies and materials, invest in marketing and advertising, or remodel your practice.

If an opportunity arises to expand your practice that requires a cash investment, you have the funds on hand to make it a reality.

Money on a non-recourse basis

Keep in mind that medical lien sales are made on a non-recourse basis. If the patient loses a personal injury lawsuit, you do not have to worry about pursuing a possibly fruitless lawsuit against the patient because you have already been paid.

No More Sunk Treatment Costs – We Buy Medical Receivables

If you are a healthcare professional whose practice involves treating patients with serious injury or illness from car crashes, falls, pharmaceutical drug defects, toxic exposure, assaults, etc., it is likely you have struggled with getting paid for the care you provide. Patients who are pursuing compensation for their injuries through the civil courts may not have the ability to pay for their treatment, and you have trouble collecting money.

That is where a medical lien comes in. It is the equivalent of providing treatment to patients on credit, because these accident victims have no other way to pay their healthcare bills. If you accept a medical lien for patients in personal injury cases, you get paid when the case is settled, or a verdict is rendered. That can take a long time, oftent averaging 18 months or longer.

If the case resolves in a settlement, it could provide a lot less than initially anticipated. There is also the risk that the patient will lose their case if it goes to court. Either way, you may be left with very little recourse in terms of collecting money that’s owed to you.

Under these circumstances, filing a lawsuit against the patient may be the only recourse you have. If the patient has little in the way of assets, this is a receivable that your medical practice might have to write off.

Perhaps you are tired of dealing with insurance companies regarding unpaid claims. Your staff spends too much time checking on the case status of individual patients and dealing with mountains of paperwork. At Mustang Funding, our medical lien purchasing provides you with fast cash while removing the burden of lien handling from you and your staff.

We Purchase Medical Lien Receivables for Every Type of Practice and Service

At Mustang Funding, we purchase medical lien receivables for all types of practices and service providers. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Ambulatory surgery centers
  • Hospitals
  • Diagnostic providers
  • Neurology
  • Orthopedics
  • Pain management
  • Physical therapy
  • Rehabilitation centers

If you accept medical liens for personal injury cases, Mustang Funding can work with you. Get in touch today to get started!