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If you have a pending mass tort or class action claim and need immediate financial assistance, pre-settlement funding can help.

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Mass tort claims, which are similar to class action lawsuits, are brought when consumers are injured on a large scale by defective products or defective drugs. Drug and product defects can cause a wide range of problems for different individuals, and these cases rarely fit into a single class. Each individual case may have the same defendant, but the injuries and losses sustained might be very different and can be very severe.

Mass tort litigation is often consolidated in a single court to allow for efficiency in handling the numerous cases within the judicial system. Consolidation also allows attorneys representing the injured parties to pool resources and information related to the litigation. Despite this, though, each individual case is settled based on the individual injury or loss and the appropriate damages.

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Mass tort claims that we have funded include:

  • Hernia mesh
  • Zantac
  • Talcum powder
  • Roundup
  • IVC filter
  • Essure
  • 3M earplugs
  • Opioid

Financial strain in these situations can add to the stress as many struggle to make ends meet and keep up with bills while waiting for their claim to resolve. If you have a pending mass tort claim and need immediate financial assistance, pre-settlement funding can help.

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