The Benefits of Pre-Settlement Funding

Published on
Feb 4, 2022
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How can Pre-Settlement Funding help you?

Pre-settlement funding can be a major asset for me than just the Plaintiff. While the majority of our funding goes to fund plaintiffs so that they can see their case through to the end, commercial plaintiffs, as well as law firms, can be greatly benefited by secure the capital they need to navigate tedious and drawn-out litigation. We will. This article showcases the number of ways using us as a lending partner may benefit you, your plaintiffs or your law firm.

For Consumer Plaintiffs

  • Non-recourse cash
  • Provide financial stability
  • Full freedom on use of funds
  • Level the economic playing field between plaintiff and defendant
  • Safety net for unforeseen expense or hardship
  • Reduce short-settlement friction

Blurb on how our loans help consumers.

For Commercial Plaintiffs

  • Non-recourse cash
  • Business continuity or restart
  • Funds for expansion or loss of business
  • Peace of mind for owners and employees

Blurb on how our loans help commercial Plaintiffs

For Attorneys

  • Focus more on merits of lawsuit
  • Reduce short-settlement friction
  • Pursue a case’s appropriate value
  • Client acquisition and retention

Blurb on how our loans help commercial Plaintiffs

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