Utah Pre-Settlement Funding 

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Pre-Settlement Funding in Utah

Facing financial hardship while awaiting your lawsuit settlement? Mustang Funding provides essential pre-settlement funding in Utah, ensuring your financial stability during the legal process.

If you are involved in a lawsuit in Utah and are struggling with expenses, pre-settlement lawsuit funding might be the solution you need. Pre-settlement litigation funding provides plaintiffs with an advance on their potential settlement. If you qualify, it can offer a financial lifeline helping you manage expenses during the often-lengthy legal process. 

Unlike traditional loans, approval is based on the merits of your case, not your credit history or employment status. There are no monthly payments to worry about and you pay nothing out of pocket—you only repay the advance from the settlement proceeds if you win your case. If you do not win your case, you owe us nothing; the funding is non-recourse, which means we take full responsibility for the risk. 

How Pre-Settlement Funding in Utah Works 

To be eligible for Utah pre-settlement funding you must have an active personal injury lawsuit and a lawyer willing to work with us. You can apply through our website in under two minutes and depending on the strength of your case, we can move forward.  

Once approved, the funds are disbursed into your bank account typically within 24 hours, giving you quick access to the money you need. You can use the funds to cover medical bills, rent, utilities, and other essential expenses without any restrictions.  

Your attorney may also benefit indirectly, as they now have additional time to put together the strongest case possible on your behalf. By alleviating financial pressure, you and your attorney can avoid settling prematurely for a lower amount than you deserve.  

Utah Pre-Settlement Funding Laws 

In Utah, personal injury plaintiffs are obligated to disclose any prior funding received throughout their case. If previous funding has been obtained, Mustang Funding will file a lien and is responsible for arranging its repayment. 

Moreover, under Utah’s H.B. 407 bill, those filing lawsuits against the state or a political subdivision must disclose all funding sources involved in their legal proceedings. 

Personal Injury and Other Pre-Settlement Funding in Utah 

Personal injury victims have four years to file a claim and take their case to court according to Utah’s statute of limitations. Courts will only consider a case if a claim is filed against the responsible parties within this timeframe. Claims against government employees or agencies must be filed within one year. If the initial claim is denied, there is an additional year to appeal. 

Modified Comparative Fault under Utah law operates with a 50% bar rule, meaning a plaintiff can only recover damages if the fault of the defendant or defendants exceeds the fault of the plaintiff. This principle is outlined in U.C.A. § 78B-5-818(2). 

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Pre-settlement funding in Utah provides a straightforward and hassle-free way to access financial assistance while you wait for your lawsuit to settle. To learn more about pre-settlement funding in Utah, reach out to Mustang Funding today. We serve Salt Lake City, West Valley City, West Jordan, Provo, Orem, and other areas across the state and have provided more than $150 million in funds to plaintiffs and attorneys.  

See the other states where pre-settlement funding is available on our website or contact us for more information. 

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Types of Cases Funded In Utah

If you have an ongoing lawsuit in Utah, you may be eligible for pre-settlement funding. Discover the varieties of lawsuit cash advances offered by Mustang Funding in Utah.

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